Awakening the Priestess Within.

We are Priestesses, we have not disappeared, we are reborn from the ashes of our ancient predecessors. We are unearthing an ancient path for future generations to find, to see it as clear as the sun itself and the moon, the stars, so that no one can get away from the gods or tell us that we can not connect with them.


They are the ancient gods that have called us to their service, they have awakened us so that we could bring them into a world of chaos and disconnection with the sacred in which we live. The ancient gods never left us, the patriarchy and the monotheistic religions disconnected us from them and tried to forget them.


The path of the priestess is beautiful, full of magic, of sacredness. It is a way of working to rebuild connections, to take off our modern shoes and put on the invisible sandals that take you to the temples of the ether and the abode of the gods. The invisible sandals that will allow you to walk on the old roads to bring to our time the gods and ancient gods.


I offer you the possibility of being initiated as a Priestess or Priest of the ancient Gods following the training of the FOI, you can also direct your steps towards the depths of the waters and become a Sea Priestess or Sea Priest or take the exclusive Priesthood of Hathor or Priesthood of Ixcacao, if You feel a special call this goddesses in particular. The Priesthood of Ixcacao is very Shamanic and  you will learn the beautiful Alchemy of Cacao.  


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