The Priesthood of Hathor


1. The Aim Of This Training


The purpose of this training is to bring people who are interested in the Goddess Hathor to her mysteries, as well as to make a journey of exploration for different aspects of Egyptian culture. This coupled with practical exercises that compromise the program each month.




Egyptian Life and Spirituality.

The Goddess or God of the Month

Energy Working with the Goddess/God of the Month.


Egyptian Heka

Walking towards Hathor



2. About The Program Of Study


The Curriculum consists of a First Spiral of 9 Months, a Second Spiral of 7 months and a Special Dedication of 4 Months.


3. The Call To Hathor’s Path


Hathor came into my life from the hand of the incredible Naomi Ozaniec, founder of The House of Life, Priestess like no other I have met in the Pagan Community in person, Mystic and Writer. May 2013 was presented as the answer to a long call to Her blessings. I was not clear if I should approach Isis or Het Her at that moment and our little celebration and the incredible Oracle given to us (Sophie, Tahya and me) by the Goddess and Naomi, left the way open to my work with her. Her entrance into my life was very intense and brought important changes until culminating becoming her Priestess by the hand of my mentor Lesley Harris at the Lyceum Domus Sophiae Terrae et Sanctae Gradalis founded by Caitlin Matthews.


I do not know what your calling is, the reason Hathor calls you to her side. Perhaps you need her blessings in your life, her help? Be that as it may, if she is openig the path for you to her take it as a gift. She Choose her children! Surrender to the call of the Gods, let the Sistro guide you to her footsteps and enter her temple.



Dua Het Her!


In Eternal Gratitude to  Naomi Ozaniec and my Sisters Sophie and Tahya at "la Mesa". 


Rev. Ness Bosch

Priestess of Hathor and Sekhmet

Head of the House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart.