The 8 Guards of the CoTW



They must be held for 8 consecutive months starting at the Dark Moon of May to end at the Dark Moon of Yule, meaning Beltane to Yule for that period of time. During this time you only need 1 night a month of work, but you have to do it.


They will have to share the Guards before a week from the Dark Moon. This Work will be carried out within a Private Group enabled for this work, where only the people who send their registration will enter. If you do not publish your work, you will leave the group, since the place is for those who really work.


You can request the Form to Entry the Guards at


Why in the Dark Moons?

Because the Way of Water is a path of Shadow work, so the Dark Moon and its energy will help us at an energetic level.


Why is it called Aquamarine?

The Aquamarine is one of the Healing Crystals of the Temple of Waters. It is used in the Healing Modules and is also a stone related for many reasons with Atlantis and contains qualities and powers that will help people who are able to connect with it to increase their vision and aquatic connection, for example it is a way of direct connection with Mother Marina. It has many more qualities and I invite you to investigate about it.


To do this guards you will have to get an Aquamarine Crystal, even if it is the economical, pebble, etc.


You will also need:

Celeste blue candle representing the Aquamarine Ray.

Black candle

White candle

Bowl with water charged energetically.

Aquamarine crystal


Paper and pencil


Well, this Guard will be done at night, at a convenient time that you can sure have a quite time on your own. You will have everything ready in a small altar, you can put water music if you want to, preferably only sound of water.


You will begin to clean the space as you normally do and make a call to the waters. Once that is done, you will proceed to light the candles in the following order: Blue, opening the Guard, Black, so that the shadow we have to work with will be manifested and give us some sign of the work to be done this month to clean our Inner Waters, and the White, so that it carries the Light of the other face of the Moon in this case the light fills our part of Shadow.

Once the candles have been lit, you will take the Aquamarine Crystal and call the Marine Creature or Deity that corresponds to that guard in the month.


The list is the following:

First year:


-Mayo: Charon (Greece)

-June: Oshun (Yoruba)

-July: Susanoo (Japan)

-August: Nessie (Scotland)

-September: Atargatis (Syria)

-October: Aegir (Nordic)

-November: Sedna (Inuit)

-December: Ganga (India)


The list of other Years: Private to those who completed the First Year or the Second etc.


You will invoke them to give you a message that will help you during the month. You will hold the crystal while the communication lasts. Once finished, you will place it again on the altar. You shall tank and greet the energy goodbye and proceed to write the message to be able to remember it in detail.

After this, you will proceed to take 3 sips of the bowl with water charged energetically and you will feel its cleansing and revitalizing effect on you.

Look with one of the flames of the candles.

Which one catches your attention the most? Why? Do you see something special inside?


You will finish the guard saying greeting the Waters

and let the candles be completely consumed.

The guard is over.


As you can see, the Guard is not complicated. I will tell you that it is very deep, as the participants of previous years can attest. It is not difficult but if you open yourself to work it can be very healing.


I encourage you to participate if you are willing to commit to do all the Guards and to work.


Ness Bosch,

Head of the CoTW and the Temple of the Waters.