Keepers of the Flame of Hathor

This Iseum dedicated to the Goddesses Hathor and Sekhmet shares this special devotional event for those who carry the Lady of the West in their hearts.


A Keeper of the Flame of Hathor is someone who celebrates the Goddess and wants to honor her by keeping her Flame on certain dates of importance to the Goddess throughout the year.


Hathor is Abundance, Joy, Beauty, Love! To celebrate her is to celebrate all the benefits of life itself!


Each Keeper will receive instructions on how to proceed and a Certificate where will be recognized as Keeper of the Flame of Hathor of this Iseum. You can also be part of the International list of Keepers.


Participating in this activity does NOT imply belonging to this Iseum and is compatible with other practices.


You can request your registration as Guardian to the Iseum if you fill out the contact form.


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