An Exclusive Shamanic Priesthood


I remember that the first time I managed to connect with the spirit of Cacao I was surprised by an exuberant feminine energy, I did not know who it was but I felt it very warm, rich, cheerful and happy, full, like a woman's breasts that are full of milk and sensuality. It was the Cacao Woman, the Goddess of the Cacao Tree, which some call Ixcacao.


She, as I felt it, abundant, also ardent, with a fire that ignites the hearts and the bellies. This Mayan Goddess who was later adopted other peoples who learned the Medicine and Alchemy of Cacao was not lost in its multiple names, nor after the conquest. The Sacred Fire of Ixcacao continues to comfort hearts.


Cacao Woman is Reborn, she is returning to light her seed inside each person that wishes to connect with her Original Medicine. That is why she has given us her Blessing, so we can share it with those who seek it and come to share with us the Medicine and Alchemy of Cacao in these Exclusive Circles I created and that as Melisa or Guardians of Ixcacao you could hold. Because contrary to what some people think, this medicine is not exclusive for women, men, now more than ever need the Fire of Cacao Woman in their chest to fill them with her Love and Abundance.


A Melisa or a Guardian of Ixcacao is a person who knows the Medicine of Cacao, who knows Alchemical Formulas for the Soul, who Holds, who Officiates the sacred for others, who brings Cacao Woman to this dimension, who shares her Love through her Blessing. After this work there is one more step, that of the Priestess and Priest of Ixcacao but you can not get there without first giving yourself as a Guide. This is the first offering to the spirit.


The Priesthood of Ixcacao consists of 2 Spirals:

  • 1. Melisa or Guardian of Ixcacao.
  • 2. Priestess or Priest of Ixcacao.

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