Covenant of the Waters


The Covenant of the Waters (CoTW) is a Pagan, Eclectic, Matriarchal, Interfaith, Congregation open to members from any country and nation.


The mission of this Congregation is to bring together people who love the Water Element and want to work in a community way based on this element either in rituals and public events both in person and online.


As an interreligious congregation members of any tradition would be admitted, based on mutual respect, personal responsibility and honor on any spiritual path, as long as its members are of an Earth-centered Orientation and Polytheistic Spiritualities. Trying to make our work based on the Water we get the best of each one and benefit us, the community and what surrounds us.


The Curriculum of the Ministry is divided into several degrees and levels according to the following structure:


  • Degree for Aspirants.
  • 1st Degree as Dedicants.
  • 2nd Degree as Dedicants. Title of Priestess / te del Mar.
  • 3rd Degree as Dedicants.
  • Year of Service to the Congregation. Title as High Priest/ess

 (Ness takes also students under a Intensive Training of 3 Spirals)


Special Mystical Orders Inside the Covenant


The Covenant also have special Mystical Orders Independent to the Curriculum of the Temple of Waters. Access to these Orders is restricted to those who have at least completed their Degree as First Degree Dedicants and will have their own Curriculum and Rituals.


These Orders are directed by Council Members.


Order of Wiracocha. Mysteries of the Sacred Masculine.

Order of Tiamat. Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine.

Order of Circe. Magical Mysteries.

Order Sibylline. Oracular Mysteries.

Order of Sulis. Mysteries of Healing Arts.



Structure of the Covenant of the Waters:

  • Libertus Members
  • Aspirants.
  • Dedicants.
  • Priest and Priestess of the CoTW.
  • Aquamarine Council
  • Indigo Waters Council
  • Elders



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