Shamanic Medicine School

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing and self-healing. In this Shamanic School I share, its history, we will see that is what leads a person to the path of the shaman. Shamanism integrates ancestral healing techniques, practice that allows us to expand our levels of consciousness, communicate with spiritual forces of love and power, and access universal sources of knowledge and wisdom. We will go into the principles of spirituality and learn many things that will help us to use the shamanic techniques to assist other people.


The shaman is a healer, but not every healer is a shaman. The shaman has a different vision and reality experience than usual. The shaman heals relationships: the relationship between mind and body, the relationship between people, the relationship between people and circumstances, the relationship between humans and nature, and the relationship between matter and spirit.


In the different tabs of the section of the School you can see specific information about the contents that I share both in Spain and abroad.


Welcome to my Shamanic Universe!


Ness Bosch.