This is a training both for those who already have a shamanic base and for those who without having any knowledge want to immerse themselves in this universe of healing. They are advanced because with the years of practice, the basic techniques were changing in form and structure in my work, expanding with the help of my spirit guides, taking them to a deeper level and much more empowering for the patient.


Thanks to my wonderful guides everything changed and they also gave me new techniques and expanded not only the work in the shamanic worlds, but also the worlds that grew in dimensions and possibilities of healing.


The spirits choose you, only they know why but for me it has been a wonderful gift that continued to be expended throughout my practice and sharing with other people with whom together we travel these new places in the shamanic worlds and find great healing.


Those with a base will find in my way of working a quantum push that will make their own practices and results grow with their patients in a short time, because in addition each seminar is an advance.


Sometimes I do intensive seminars of some of the techniques independently of the complete training. These are super intensive with their own certification, given to accredit the knowledge received in that specific seminar.



At the end of the complete training I do not give a certificate where I say that you are a shaman. Being a shaman implies much more than what a formation, although it offers depth, teaches you. The path of the shaman involves other factors that can not be studied ut are part of the personal path and normally involves great pain.


The people who study with me will get a certificate as Advanced Shamanic Practitioners.


Shadowhunter Complete Program:


Seminar I: Entering the Path of Medicine

  1. What is a Medicine Person?
  2. What is their Work?
  3. The call of Medicine
  4. Summary of the Shamanic Initiation
  5. Cosmology I
  6. Wheel of Medicine
  7. Power Animals
  8. Introduction to the Shamanic Journey
  9. Introduction to Power Plants
  10. Introduction to the Tools of the Shaman
  11. Purification Ceremony
  12. Lineage Healing


Seminar II: Intensive in Shamanic Extractions

  1. The Shaman Drum
  2. The Shamanic Journey: Door to other worlds
  3. Lineage Healing
  4. Diagnose 
  5. Shamanic Extraction:
  6. -Level 1
  7. -Level 2
  8. - Extractions with Sound
  9. - Review
  10. - Practices


Seminar III: Seminar of Medicine of the Stag (Healing Relationships)

  1. Important Native Ceremonies
  2. Sacred Plants 
  3. Tools of the Shaman II
  4. Lineage Healing
  5. Vital Emotional Map
  6. Treatment of the disease from the shamanic point of view
  7. Introduction to the Recovery of Souls
  8. -Practices


Seminar IV: Rainbow Shamanic Reiki

  1. Initiation to Symbols of Shamanic Rainbow Reiki 1 and 
  2. Medicine Songs.
  3. Cosmology II.
  4. The Crystals and their uses in Shamanic Healing.
  5. Lineage Healing


Seminar V: Seminary of the Shamanic Worlds

  1. Recovery of Soul II
  2. Shamanic Records 1: Door to Other Lives
  3. The World of Above and its rooms.
  4. The Middle World
  5. Lineage Healing
  6. Shape shifting for Power and Healing


Seminar VI: Knowledge Anchoring Seminar.

  1. Shamanic Records 2
  2. Technical Review Extraction
  3. Recovery of Souls Review
  4. Review of Shamanic Records
  5. Lineage Healing Review
  6. Shape shifting uses. 


Seminar VII: Ritual and Shamanic Magic.

  1. Ritual as a Healing Door.
  2. The Circle as a Ritual Space
  3. Ceremony of Preparation of the Soul for the Death.
  4. Shamanic Magic.
  5. Practices


Seminar VIII: Seminar on Purification and Vision Quest.

  1. Ritual Purification
  2. Shadowhunters
  3. Closing of the Training Ceremony.



Normally there is a Seminar every 2 months so you can do the practices at home in between. Do the practices and work is a must. 



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