A Seminar of Healing and Integration of Masculine and Feminine Energy from the Shamanic Vision.


It is the tool for those men and women who have walked a long time with their masculine or feminine part in imbalanced, with the consequences that this has brought them.


Through Shamanic Alchemical Exercises and other Techniques we will heal the relationship with our Animus and Animus respectively, we are going to share a process that will not only help us to become aware of the Androgynous energies of our Soul, but to be able to balance it and correct what we have archived In our shadow, so far has not allowed us to heal this relationship.


We are going to meet to start a conscious process, the Personal Alchemical Marriage, so that we can not only have a healthy relationship with the male-female parts that integrate us, but it will help us to have healthier relationships with people of Sex Opposite is also what is intended.


By healing this inner relationship we heal all other relationships by bringing to light the conflicts in shadow.


Certificated Workshop.