Bones, Ink and Skin:

The Art of Shamanic Healing Tattoo

Training, Private and Grupal Retreats

Retreats and Training Specially Designed for Tattoo Professionals who, from a personal spiritual call, want to take their work one step further in order to create Healing Tattoos for their clients. Retreats and Workshops that takes us to revive the ancient connection of the Spiritual Origins of Tattoo.


This Workshops and Retreats aims to rescue a Magical-Shamanic and tattoo Healing intention of Tattoo and give the possibility to modern tattoo artists to learn within a sacred path to create a tattoo through Shamanic techniques and Exclusive Journeys created by Ness Bosch for this Training, Retreats and Workshops in order to bring a totally magical experience to those people who want a tattoo with these characteristics anywhere in the world.


We are going to Reconnect the Ancestral Medicine of those Shamans who used Tattoo with Magical, Healing and Spiritual Purposes to the world of the Modern Tattooist. We go through these workshops to become people who work with medicine in addition to our art and personal energy, we will travel a sacred path to the past to bring whoever seeks us something different and profound.

I'm willing to Organize Special Shamanic Healing Tattoo Retreats for Groups or Individual Internationally with Different Tattoo Artist

If you are a Tattoo Artist and you wish to bring this Retreats or Training to your Country or City don't Hesitate to Email me.