The Path of the Bones

Enter a Path of Incredible Healing and Rites for the Femenine Soul

Enter the Cave of the Bones Whisperer, you will learn about the 7 Paths of the Medicine Women, the 4 Sacred bowls. You will meet 13 Kachina Spirits to work with, to help you heal and support your work in the Prayer and Medicine Circles, that you will learn how to run, as well as the Rites Circles.


Become a Keeper of the Bones and the 7 Rites of The Path of the Bones!


13 Moons to complete an immersion into The Shamanic Mysteries of The Bones Whisperer Clan, 13 months to heal and grown into this Shamanic Knowledge.


Learn the Rites to hold Ceremonial Circles for other Women, become a Priestess of the Mother Earth!


This training can only be taken in Person the 13 Moons or Semi-Presential. This means you could come to a Moon Seminar every few months to get the full picture and connection to the energy of the work and do the rest of the training Online. Will be required to attend Min. 6 Moons in person to get your Official Certification.


Program of the 13 Moons Training:


Moon 1. Whispering to the Asleep Bones.

Moon 2. The Chant of the Blood. First Rite.

Moon 3. The Magic of the Hummingbird. Second Rite.

Moon 4. The Medicine of the Swan: The Mysteries of Purification.

Moon 5. The Humming of the Bee: Thirth Rite (First Part).

Moon 6. the Cry of the Bear. Thirth Rite (Second Part).

Moon 7. The Blessings of the Mouse: Fourth Rite.

Moon 8. The Magic of the She-Wolf: She who sings to the Bones.

Moon 9. The Flight of the Barn Owl: Fifth Rite.

Moon 10. The Beaver's Medicine Bundle: Sixth Rite (First Part).

Moon 11. The Magic Dance of the Skunk : Sixth Rite (Second Part).

Moon 12. Butterfly Wings: Seventh Rite.

Moon 13. The Cave of the Snake: Inner Quest.