Testimonials about Ness's Work

Don Roberto - Spirit of the Amazon



I am an experienced Shamanic Facilitator with over 12 years' experience, much of it international. My speciality is in Plant Spirit Medicine, especially the Amazonian Healing Tradition, and I also have a solid and extensive grounding in core shamanic principles and techniques.


However, shamanism can never fully be contained in a single certification course or even well-trodden, familiar techniques. It is a field which demands a practitioner evolve in tandem to meet the demands of clients who often present increasingly complex and difficult healing challenges.


To rest on one's past accomplishments is not an option, therefore, since it will result in stagnation and an inability to properly serve one's community.


The only answer is to continue one's education and training, and for this I am very grateful for having met Ness Bosch who successfully embodies many varied healing traditions and approaches her healing and teaching work with great elegance, power and deep skill.


As a teacher, she has introduced me to many new ways to access powerful healing states in different realms, and helped me cultivate new skill sets and resources, which are impacting the way I work shamanically in a very significant way.


She is patient, articulate and keen to guide a student's progress through different stages of learning, and is an inspiration in walking herself the often arduous path of the healer- teacher with such finesse.


Her own healing work is also highly recommended, bringing spiritual relief to clients who have often searched across time and space for the one person who is finally able to bring the right kind of healing balm to their soul.


For these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending Ness Bosch as a superb healer and teacher to all those seeking shamanic healing and/or advancement in their own shamanic learning trajectory.


Don Roberto



Georgia Simone - UK


The first time I sat down with Ness to receive her Shamanic teaching, it become clear that she was and is a great Shaman.

Due to the depth of her surrender to the Shamanic wisdom, her great power, and her vision, her teaching feels more like a Shamanic transmission.


As she guided me through her immense knowledge on this inexhaustible subject (my sense is that it would take many years to fully receive all her wisdom on this topic) I felt that I was somehow initiated into the multi-dimensional reality of the Shaman, and life started to communicate to me in ways that it had not done before, particularly through dreams and the plant and animal kingdoms.


Alongside this teaching, Ness also played her indispensable part in facilitating a very deep healing that released a very deep blockage in my system. Her guidance on this matter was invaluable. I also now enjoy a much deeper contact with my guides, and thanks to Ness’s guided journeys, I was able to form a deep connection with my guardian.


If you have a sincere desire for a true Shaman’s initiation, then I highly recommend Ness as a woman who is deeply devoted to her work in this area, and who operates according to the highest respect for these teachings. She is a living breathing example of someone who has deeply given themselves to the way of the Shaman, and her powerful healing abilities are a gift for anyone who wishes to work with her.



Victor - Malasya


I am so grateful for the medicine to push us yet within its infinite wisdom and compassion, only to the degree and capacity that we are capable of handling. I am certain that if it had been anymore I probably wouldn't have been able to cope. Realizing this darkness in me is very uncomfortable. And it is one of the reasons why my integration this round seem like a much more daunting task. This time isn't just light for me. Ness really went for my guts. 



Since coming back, there have been a lot of things that have happen and would soon happen. All these comes across as opportunities for me to further understand my shadow. I knows it will be tough but thank you for the lessons and tools.



Ryan - Dubai


I had no idea what shadow work was before I arrived, and having gone through the process now I've realized so many things, and learnt so much about myself I didn't know before. I discovered that shadows are not your enemy but actually your guides and teachers. For me this has ultimately been so powerful.


Am feeling a lot happier than I've felt for a long time. I realized that when I was younger I used to be so much more playful and laugh so much more and just enjoy life. Somewhere along the line - I guess in the last 6 or so years - the weight of self-expecation took that away. Anyway I seem to be rediscovering that old me a bit. Even more would be nice. Not going to lie it's not easy but can at least I can see a path now. The more I think about everything, the ancestors especially, the less I feel those associated emotions, but also I feel like they (the ancestors) are closer to me somehow. I think for me this was the most eye-opening and profound bit of the whole week. If I try and think more deeply about what is happening and why this process works it's something like it gives you real clarity into what is meaningful to you on a subconscious level - things that sometimes you get a sense of but are mostly obscured by noise or the mind or confusion. It really helps one recapture their true nature. At least that's how I feel. 


Thanks for such a unique and magical experience and for holding the space in such supportive and fun way.



Anna - Malasya


Anyone who seek healing, clarity or understanding of life should definitely work with this. It is an experience that will ultimately change anyone's life. Not only now that I'm in a better place, i have a new perspective of everything. Things are much brighter now, it's beautiful, i love it! Having said that, it wasn't easy. It was painful as hell/tears and plenty of what moments, but it gets better after! 



Joyanna - Wales


The week was very intensive...The shadow work helped me with setting an Intention  for the Ayahuasca ceremonies.The Despacho made me feel safe during ceremony. The Shadow work meditations and revelations that came were very insightful. It helped me shine a light on places of my psyche that I wasn't fully aware of before. I liked that Ness was very straight forward in her approach & helped me face my truth even when it was uncomfortable. The Love & Compassion from both Ness & Robert felt genuine. All in all, it was a tough week but I worked through a lot and feel more empowered now. I am reflecting and many areas of my life are changing. I am more centred. I have more clarity. My home is becoming a haven for sacred space. My son & I are opening up more & deepening our relationship. I just got my van resprayed a lovely turquoise color! Lot's of things in my life are coming together through Grace. I feel grateful.


 It was really tough for me. Now that my mind is catching-up to the gravity of what I went through during the retreat, it was a terrifying and humbling experience to face my shadow like how we did. During our journeys with Ness, I got a bit over confident once we identified our shadows. Words like fear, pride, ego, shame came across as basic stuff. It were things that were already in my operating consciousness. But now after some time of integration, it is beginning to dawn on me the gravity of these shadows. 




Liz Verde - Bristol, UK. 


"I went along to a workshop at the last minute and to be honest didn't really know what I was getting myself into. But I was met by the incredibly friendly and welcoming ness Who held a brilliantly safe and wonderful space.It felt so different to anything I'd been to before.


Ness is a unique teacher, with such a huge wealth of knowledge.

She makes you work hard but you leave with a new found passion for the work she teaches.I have always had a block about crystals yet now I'm seeking out crystal shops and books.


And also telling all my friends about the work I've learnt and want to practice on them. I would definitely want to seek out more work from Ness as this is just the beginning!"




Maria Maya Fotiou - London, UK.


I had a wonderful day learning Tibetan Shamanic Extraction moving deep through the different layers of the soul. 


A great practical technique taught beautifully by the one and only Ness Bosch! A powerful lady offering very clear instructions and reminding us to work from the heart throughout the day, observing everyone and everything during practice sessions and creating such an amazing experience for us all! Thank you so much Dragon Lady!  



Alain, 51, Murcia, Spain.


About 1 year ago I found myself in a dead end, a loop from which I could not escape and that consumed all my energies...


I had no roads to follow nor light to glimpse at the end of the dark tunnel... I met a boy who told me about shamanism near my town, well versed in master plants, etc... I did not know what to do but it was clear to me that this was not what I needed at that moment.


I found an OnLine course of Introduction to Shamanism by Ness Bosch, and it sounded very good to me... I had little to lose by doing it and also being Online did not compromise me too much...


Who was going to tell me that this would be the beginning of a profound change in my existence... So I met Ness... her way of exposing the Shamanic Way, her closeness so far away from supposed Messiahs and Enlightened several that swarm around...


Her empathy as well as a firm hand to guide you in difficult moments and at the same time incredible and wonderful paths she was opening for me made me enroll in an apprenticeship and face-to-face work with her in Granada...


And this decision I made has changed my life !!!


After a lot of work together with other colleagues I have acquired many skills for healing in general and my self-healing in particular, and this wonderful transforming process continues day by day in me thanks to her...




Thank you Ness for helping me and make Light return to my life !!!


Minna Pyhala - Finland


Thank you Ness for sharing the powerful medicine of the Path of the Moon Course for women. I have had many intense experiences during the workshops I have attended so far, and witnessed strong healing processes in other women on the course! It is quite amazing! Although I have been actively studying shamanism during the past two years, it is only now that I am getting concrete tools for doing shamanic healing work on myself and others. It is great that the class incorporates theory, practice and sharing of experiences - creating a holistic package that fosters learning, healing and growth. Strengths of the course also include the homework, which is designed to help integrate the teachings and gain practical experience in using the tools – practice really is the key to learning and becoming good at anything. Once again, thank you – this course really is life changing!



Agata Wiaterek – Bielsko, Poland


I've been participating in shamanic training in with Ness Bosch. Our first meeting was like diving into deep waters of mysteries, entering the hidden paths of the soul and shedding light of healing into the abyss. Ness Bosch was focused and determined since the very beginning to pass on the tools to our hands. She's not an easy going teacher, that gives you a high five for every little achievement. She's straight to the point, gives what you need in the very moment and wants to see you practicing. There's no place for useless talking nor explaining, but action and focus since the beginning to the end. And what's the most important: all her knowledge, all her tools and the way she teaches to use them - all of this comes from her heart and deep calling to share the best she has. Strong teacher's support could be felt at every step we took.


I'm amazed by the tools she delivers, by the straight and conscious way she shares them and my trust to the process has been growing slowly into strong faith in the self and my healing abilities. 


I appreciate the work of Ness Bosch from the depth of my heart. I'm very grateful that no matter the difficulties she gives us in Finland the precious gift of her presence and her teachings. I'm looking forward to continue the journey in the shamanic medicine circle with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher and a healer, who puts her heart and deep experience into everything she delivers through her work.



Sally Millane - UK


I had the good fortune to come across Ness and her Shamanic Healing while I was staying and working in Andalucia in January and February 2015. I had 4 sessions with her and she made breakthroughs which I had not experienced in 20 years of other therapies.

She is kind and compassionate and very definitely tuned in to the underlying cause of illness and disease.


First came some wonderful healing using crystals. She worked hard to rid me of limiting energies and replaced them with wonderful feelings of positivity. With easy to follow guided meditation we travelled to the root cause of my illness and she lead me through a healing process which worked not just on me but my Ancestral line. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her.